Mobility Everywhere

Beautiful HMI &
seamless connectivity

EVware's HMI and connected vehicle solution allows mobility OEMs to deliver safe, intelligent and fully-connected vehicles to market quicker and at a fraction of the usual cost.

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Update vehicle software and telematics configuration over the air at any time


Access fleet data and manage vehicle access using EVware's ready to use cloud apps


Integrate your vehicles directly with your business management software via EVware's secure APIs


Extend the capabilities of your vehicles by deploying software in vehicle, edge or cloud using managed services

Digital customer experience

Intuitive and Beautiful HMI, made easy

We think that all mobility products should have great digital customer experiences. This starts with beautiful HMI and intuitive usability and with EVware, we have applied this thinking from the ground up.

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the software defined vehicle

Next-gen digital platform for mobility products

View and analyse data from your vehicles in real-time using EVware Apps, or integrate with your own software, or third parties using EVware's modern, secure APIs from EVware Cloud.

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EVware supports the efforts of global decarbonisation and the growing number of EV mobility providers by providing a solution that allows OEMs to bring their vehicles to market faster and more cost effectively.

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