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29th August 2023, London

EVware and EAV announce joint technical research programme to maximise eCargo bike safety and improve fleet efficiencies for tomorrow’s last-mile deliveries

  • Leading eCargo firm EAV has signed a technical research partnership with London-based EVware, the mobility-focused, HMI and connected vehicle technology company
  • Joint programme looks at ways to increase last-mile eCargo bike safety and efficiencies, including journey learning focusing on rider, vehicle and sensor data 
  • EVware is positioned perfectly to enable EAV with next-generation data, telematics and infrastructure technology, focusing on mobility and niche vehicles
  • Delivery operators and local authorities will be able to use this data to inform infrastructure planning and adaptation by understanding new modes of travel, route taking and flow through urban environments.

EVware, the data and digital human machine interface (HMI) provider for mobility, has announced a joint research partnership with EAV, the major British manufacturer of eCargo bikes. The programme is focused on enhancing safety in the eCargo and last-mile sector through tracking real-time vehicle and driving style data.

The partnership, which started at the beginning of Q3, will embed EVware tech within the EAV product line, to understand the needs of the last-mile delivery fleet operators and bike riders to increase vehicle and driver safety and vehicle learning. As part of the beta programme, EVware will integrate its customisable, app-based user interface into some of EAV’s eCargo delivery vehicles – and for the first time be able to report real-time data on where and how the vehicles are being used. This will include a physical trial run with test EAV eCargo bikes and riders.

The eCargo bike sector presents brand new opportunities for cargo route planning, as vehicles can avoid traffic and congestion in urban areas. EVware and EAV target the next developments in optimisation; both for efficiency, but also for rider and public safety, in these new spaces in collaboration with local authorities.

A payload capacity for the EAVs of over 170 kg, will be reflected in EVware’s data capture events. This data will be able to reflect optimal driving style and route selection when fully and part-laden. The data could allow operators and cities to plan for lower energy use per route, and advocate for the safest possible routes and driving styles to be developed.

The EVware-outfitted beta-grade EAVs will be present at the Oxford eBike Summit on 5thSeptember, at Cenex on the 6th and 7th of September plus IAA Mobility in Germany on 5th to 8th of September. Innovators in the space will have a chance to explore how the tech can work in combination with their plans for efficient logistics.

Adam Barmby, CEO, EAV said:

This is only one small part of the capability our partnership with EVware presents. A big priority for us is ensuring that safety is paramount in the development of our vehicles, and this gives us and our partners the chance to positively impact the way they’re operated and push the right agenda for the future of the last-mile – being the creation of a cleaner, safer urban space.

Chris Tingley, Founder, EVware, said:

Partnering with EAV is aligned with our mission to make modern mobility solutions smarter, safer and more effective. Working closely with a company like EAV which is also dedicated to these objectives makes for an extremely rewarding partnership where a direct impact on their customers, vehicle and other road users can be directly observed.

The EVware-outfitted prototype EAVs will be present at the Oxford eEBike Summit on 5thSeptember 5th, and at Cenex-LCV on the 6th and 7th of September plus IAA Mobility in Germany on 5th to 8th of September. Innovators in the space will have a chance to explore how the tech can work in combination with their plans for efficient logistics.

About EAV
EAV is dedicated to solutions for faster, cleaner urban mobility. 

Created by Adam Barmby in 2018 in response to the inefficiencies of last-mile delivery, EAV electric cargo bikes target optimal load-carrying performance with massively reduced emissions, in global cities.

EAVs build upon the stability and safety of 4 wheels, while maximising the flex and accessibility needed for efficiency within urban centres. A modular design enables EAVs to perform large-scale delivery logistics, waste and facilities management and trade services.

Already established in London and the UK’s major urban centres, EAVs are now in demand across the world’s major cities. 

20th June 2023, London

Flare and EVware announce partnership to improve connected vehicle safety for micromobility

Flare and EVware have today announced a partnership that will allow EVware customers to benefit from Flare’s safety and risk understanding technology.

By integrating Flare’s incident detection software, vehicles equipped with EVware’s technology will be better protected by instant detection of accidents and falls.

Charlie Wilson, Chief Commercial Office (Flare) said of the partnership,

It is fantastic to be working with EVware. Their pioneering HMI and connected vehicle offering for micromobility, as well as their commitment to safety, makes this partnership a natural fit., impacting millions of journeys.

As part of the partnership, vehicles with EVware technology will now be visible on the Flare Aware network. Flare Aware acts as a pre-warning system, alerting drivers to the presence of road users and enabling timely action to minimise the risk of incidents. By utilising the Flare Aware network, EVware enhances safety measures for their customers with real-time visibility of vulnerable road users and proactive incident mitigation.

Chris Tingley, CEO (EVware) added,

This exciting and strategic alignment with Flare reinforces our mission to drive substantial improvements in the capabilities of emerging mobility types. By providing our customers with seamless access to the leading safety platform in the industry, EVware solidifies its position as a trusted partner in the pursuit of safer and more efficient micromobility solutions.

About Flare
Flare - a leading mobility safety intelligence platform, recognised for its excellence in delivering real-time safety event management and response solutions. Our platform seamlessly integrates into customer applications through SDK or API, enhancing their existing user experiences with powerful incident detection and customisable response capabilities. With a focus on safety, Flare also provides awareness of micromobility users to drivers through the world's largest real-time network of vulnerable road users (VRU). By leveraging our platform, customers gain actionable insights that enable them to react swiftly, mitigate risk, and optimise cost savings.